Is this the steady hand we want on our nuclear football?

That'll teach the Kurds - and everybody else - not to ally with America. Such thanks as fits a king's remembrance! Every Middle Eastern government is recalculating its position relative to America.

And that'll teach the Turks - and everybody else - to just ignore Trump since it's impossible to determine what he really means. Worse, he think that's a valuable negotiating strategy because he thought it worked for him in NY real estate speculation.

After the blowback there might have been a pivot - or maybe not.

But don't worry about that, because Tucker Carlson is fine with abandoning allies!

But what about Trump's other allies?

And Too much for the Pentagon because it reminds them of Iraq and undoes years of work.

Trump assures us: WE WILL FIGHT WHERE IT IS TO OUR BENEFIT, AND ONLY FIGHT TO WIN. But isn't fighting ISIS to our benefit? They are not dead yet! And what's the definition of WIN against terrorists embedded in civilian populations?

Trump is right about one thing - it's a bad idea to get involved in ground wars in Asia. But he's wrong about another thing - it's a bad idea to take sides, get involved, and then walk away when you get bored or distracted by impeachment.

The ball's in your court, senators! But they are running from it as if it were the nuclear football itself.

Shouldn't there be a less painful process for getting rid of an incompetent president? Why not replace the impeachment process and the 25th amendment process with something simple: the House may nominate a new president at any time for any reason, by 2/3 vote if the office is occupied, majority vote if the office is vacant; the nominee is sworn in unless the Senate vetoes the nomination by 2/3 vote with 3 days if the Senate is in session, 7 days otherwise. The same mechanism could replace the Electoral College as well.

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