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Don't think Biden is delivering? 2022-01-15 7 - 1 biden

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UPDATED Mon 17 Jan 2022 10:29:27 PM PST


Don't think Biden is delivering?


Would you prefer Trump?    Biden just BARELY beat him
last time.   You might get Trump again even if you don't
prefer him.       Which Democrat do you think could have
been elected in 2020 and done better?      Which could be
elected in 2024 and do better?

Just remember, a vote for a third party or not voting has
the same effect as a vote for Trump.

As long as we keep electing senators on the basis of
how much dark campaign money they can get, we will keep
getting the same non-results from the Senate, NO MATTER WHO
is president.    No matter how loud the president talks,
money talks louder in politics - it's the mother's milk.


That's why the biggest task is educating voters and
motivating them to do something about the root causes of
why nothing ever changes.     Fail that, then the only
alternative is regional federalism.





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